About Not For Sport

It's the first question people ask, Why Not for Sport? Well it all really started with my inability to keep anything that wasn't physically attached to me! My boyfriend was getting tired of letting me in at all hours or standing by as I emptied my bag onto the street. Also I was going through a lot of till cards at my "Real Job", such plastic waste!

So, I pinched an old carabiner from my boyfriend (serves him right) and clipped my keys onto it and realised I could hole punch my till card and carry it around with me on my belt loops and you know what? it worked. I've had the same keys and card for almost a year now a record for me. It all snowballed from there, I started clipping my hats on to the carabiner and when I'd take off my mask, clip that there too! I thought, maybe I'm not the only absent minded person out there, or am I?

I designed a range of accessories to start with that would incorporate this idea, all with an easy place in each to attach and connect each piece. Aside from wanting to help the forgetful, underpinning my whole collection is my belief in a more conscious and sustainable future. I have the most beautiful niece and nephew and they deserve to see polar bears and tigers when they grow up. So each piece is either recyclable, reusable, biodegradable or can be sent back to us at end of life.

Boiled down, the idea is simple, to supply good quality, sustainable, fun, functional items of clothing and accessories at a realistic price. 

And the name? Well the carabiners we supply must be marked "Not for Climbing" which made me think, why not mark everything "Not For Sport"

- Izzy Sinclair