Throwing clothes away (where exactly IS away?) is wasteful, but not just of the material itself, remember the water and energy that went into manufacturing, transporting and storing clothing.

What can you do with old clothes?

Clothes in Good or better condition should be passed on to someone else to love and enjoy. Give as a gift or sell on eBay, regain-app or Depop, why not try a clothing swap with friends? You can always donate to a charity shop.

Clothes in poor condition, perhaps stained, torn or otherwise damaged can be repurposed as cloths or recycled at a tidy tip.  Clothing that is made from natural fibres such as cotton, wool, silk, etc. can be composted

With the high street feeling the pressure from customers about recycling, many fashion chains are now accepting clothes for recycling in-store! Many will give you a discount voucher for doing so.

Not For Sport will be happy to recycle any of our products, please fill in a returns form and we will be happy to send you a postage paid label and a discount code off future purchases.