The Megan Limited Edition

Our Limited Editions are specially made pieces inspired by the people that inspire us.

Each of our inspirational people answer a set of questions so you get to see who they are and why we chose them.

Choose three words to describe yourself.
Caring, Passionate, Stubborn
...and three more to describe your style.
Comfy, Cosy and Creative.
How do you pick your clothes in the morning? (or whenever you wake up!)
I love to colour-coordinate, I always have to be comfy. I normally start with one piece of clothing and build around it until I feel good.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to be established in the field of Psychology, I want to help people understand why it is important to understand each other - in many topics but mainly with mental health.
What's your favourite joke or pun?
I’m so stuck on this one but I WILL have one. I'm not as witty as you are.
Who inspires you and why?
My sisters, with their style and just them. I have always looked up to them, more than I think they know. They are both SO different but are both my favourite people in the world, they have always got my back and are always motivating me and encouraging me to do so much with my life. Also because I can borrow (steal) clothing from them
What inspires you? ( Trees, socks, potatoes!)
Sunflowers! I think they are so happy, when I see them it just makes me smile.
What has been your proudest moment?
My proudest moment... up to now is getting this far with my education. I was so grateful when I got into uni, after spending so long thinking I wasn’t clever enough. Don’t let anyone ever tell you you can’t do something!
What is your favourite item of clothing or accessory you own and why?
This has to be my bleached joggers from Amy Hallam (shout out), recent lock-down weight and new womanly curves turned me to joggers and these make me feel fab. They’re so comfy, look great, and they’re not fast fashion.
Now this is a doing task. I want you to draw, paint even do it on a computer. Do me a picture of you in a hat!
This took longer than I thought! also.. I'm also still trying to find my pun!

Thanks for answering these questions,  We're are proud of our first Limited Edition Set, the Megan Hat and the Megan Bag, both inspired by you!